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Feel Good Fridays | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Feel Good Fridays: Time Travel Edition

This is the “time travel edition” because I actually wrote it last Friday but didn’t get around to posting it. So even though this Friday is different (no tears this morning!), I still want to kick this series off with the true beginning. . . I started this morning in tears over the number on the scale. For the last year and a half, it’s consistently read 7-10 lbs over my “happy weight.” I don’t always cry at this sight. But today it was the gateway to a whole lot of hurt, and once the tears stopped I was left with the general feeling of not being good enough. It’s Friday, and of course I’m nowhere near meeting my goals for the week. These goals include working on client projects and the endless steps involved in restructuring my biz to focus on my Great Work. My mind wants me to force myself into several hours of hard work; my body wants to just chill already. I know that working on my self is working on my biz, and relaxation breeds creativity better than forced discipline, and yet. . .well, it’s a practice, right? That’s what we do here. While I want to play with bringing a culture of ease into every day, I’m going to start with Fridays. It’s a different kind of ease than lazy Sundays; I’m not sure how but it is. Oh wait, yes I do know: on Sundays I rarely turn on my computer. Today I will make my choices based on what feels good–physically, mentally and spiritually. For instance, my body is achy and...