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About | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing


Hi! My name is Christine Myers and yes, I can officially call myself a Lady (but you can just call me Christine, no stuffiness here!).

The Lady Business

I got married in June of 2009 and one of our wedding presents was a plot of land in Scotland. It’s only one square foot but it’s OURs and it came with a deed that says I am a Lady and my husband is a Laird. How cool is that? I knew there was a reason I always unconsciously held my pinky up while drinking tea!

Wordsmither Extraordinaire

I love words. I love reading, I love writing, and I’ve been an excellent speller since I learned how to read. I even self-published a book called Stephanie when I was in elementary school, for which a kind local bookstore actually paid and put on its shelves. It was an homage to the Little House on the Prairie series, which I read about three times by the time I was 12.

Formal Education

I have a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts and a Master’s in Education, which makes me uniquely qualified to do what I do. There are a lot of similarities between theatre and writing, and I have a wide range of educational tools to use in coaching others according to their personal learning styles.

I also have a certificate in massage therapy, but now I’m more interested in receiving than giving. What I learned is still important, as it is necessary to have more than a passing acquaintance with the human body to align body, mind and spirit for maximum effectiveness.

Self-Directed Study Worthy of a Ph.D

I love learning. I’ve often joked that if I could afford to, I’d be a career student. Thank God for the internet, because now that dream can be realized for a fraction of the price of attending university classes for the next however many decades.

I have spent the last three or so years delving into the online community’s offerings of wisdom and have filled my head, heart, and hard drive with the best advice I could find. I have met wonderful people and been exposed to opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I have read blogs, newsletters, ebooks, and manifestos, taken classes and participated in forums. If you want to get a really good idea of my philosophies and background, the following list will be of great help:

Core Classes

Chris Guilleabeau, The Art of Noncomformity

His writing and approach to life have helped shape my beliefs about what is really possible.

Christine Kane, Uplevel You

One of the first gurus I found, Christine powerfully marries creativity and practicality. She shares her wisdom through paid and free trainings that always inspire me.

Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self

Where I’ve discovered the art of destuckification and found the awesomeness that is Shiva Nata.

Kris Carr, Crazy, Sexy Life

The way I look at my body and its connection to mind and spirit completely changed after I watched her documentary, Crazy, Sexy, Cancer. I now drink fresh veggie juice almost every morning and have transitioned to a mostly vegetarian, plant-based diet.

Larry Brooks, Storyfix

I love his approach to writing and use his guidelines for story planning as the basis for all of my fiction work.

Marie Forleo, Rich, Happy and Hot

I actually first discovered Marie in a fitness video. Her fun, motivational-without-being-cheesy style really clicked with me, and now I am hooked on the business advice she generously doles out.

Maryann Devine, Smarts and Culture

My first coach, who helped me start taking my business seriously.

Supporting Classes

Cairene MacDonald, Third Hand Works

Systems in a sexy, supportive way. A business needs its structure, and Cairene taught me it doesn’t have to be boring.


Excellent advice on blogging and writing anything for the internet.

Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth

Sass and spirit, service and cash. Business and life advice that rocks my world.

Johnny B. Truant

I have a website because of his free guide that clearly outlines how to build one for cheap in under an hour.

Laura Roeder

The queen of social media and using it to market in an authentic, non-sleazy way.

Mark Silver, Heart of Business

The way he taught me to think about business from a spiritual standpoint sparked a breakthrough that is still unfolding.

Naomi Dunford Itty Biz

I’m a smart ass, and Naomi does smart ass like nobody else. Plus, she knows everything there is to know about running a small business.

Wendy Cholbi

I like to do as much of my web work as possible myself. When I can’t, Wendy steps in and keeps me from pulling all of my hair out. She doesn’t do it all for me, but is the next level up from completely DIY.