Book Review: Another Man’s Treasure, by S.W. Hubbard

Running your own business requires great strength of character, high risk tolerance, and a lot of passion. For Audrey Nealon, these same qualities also come in handy when solving the mystery of how her long-dead mother’s ring wound up in a box of jewelry at her current client’s estate sale and figuring out why investigating it puts her life in danger now. Throw in some romance and an ailing father, and you find yourself rooting for this heroine with all you’ve got.

This mystery has a well-formed plot and characters with depth, and it also examines issues of racial prejudice, politics, and family dynamics without turning preachy or detracting from the main story. More than once I had to tear myself away from the page. I appreciated the awkward love triangle, and that both men revealed surprising layers in Audrey’s company. There was no black and white, good and evil, obvious path to the solution. The resolution was satisfying yet bittersweet.

I think Audrey and I would get along. We’re both 30-something small business owners who want to believe that most people are good at heart and that small acts of faith will pay off. I hope Audrey’s next adventure takes place at a spa. She deserves it.

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