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Life's Too Short to Read Bad Books | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Life’s Too Short to Read Bad Books

Or drink bad wine, unless that’s the only kind you can get and even then sometimes it’s better to just go sober.

My mom posted on Facebook the other day that she was trying to get through Grapes of Wrath because it’s one of those books you “should” read. Lots of people chimed in with how much they loved the book, what a classic it was, etc. I said that no matter how good it was, if she wasn’t enjoying it she shouldn’t waste her time. Who knows how long we have on this earth to spend doing things we love, including reading? I have my fingers crossed that heaven is like a huge library but I’m not counting on it.

It’s like eating well. Lots of folks will tell you that you “should” eat broccoli, but if it’s not your thing you can actually get the same nutrients from a vegetable you enjoy.

Thanks to indie publishing, there is a truly limitless supply of reading material out there. I download quite a few free/99 cent books in the hopes of finding new authors to support. I also give up on them if the first few pages don’t grab me. Sometimes this is a quality issue, sometimes it’s a not-my-vegetable issue. But whether it’s a classic, bestseller, newbie author or whatever, I don’t have the time for stuff I don’t enjoy.

So unless your teacher is forcing you, just put the book down. You probably won’t be on your deathbed lamenting all of the books you “should” have read. You’ll be frantically trying to get through all the books that really light you up, glass of good wine in hand. It’s too late for vegetables at this point, anyway.

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