Talking Books at Perception Studios

Shannon Wilkinson wrote a great love letter to books in this post, which you should check out. Here’s my response to what books have had the greatest influence on me:

I wanted to respond to this yesterday but allergies have had my brain fuzzy and operating at very low capacity. This is a great topic for discussion, though, so I’m going to try and participate.

“Pawn of Prophecy,” by David Eddings, was my gateway drug into the world of fantasy in 5th grade. I learned the true power of how books provide a much-needed escape from the real world. To this day, there’s nothing like a good fantasy book to heal whatever ails me.

“A Path to Love,” by Deepak Chopra, helped me heal from a few broken hearts and learn to see love for what it really is.

Alright. Back to my date with a box of kleenex.


    • If only wealth could be measured by books read!


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