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Book Review: "For Nevermore" | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Book Review: “For Nevermore”

A teenager who has suffered more than her fair share of tragedy struggles with a less-than-stable mental state. Noella Snow manages to attend high school, work a part-time job, and spend a little time with her two friends. In addition to maintaining any semblance of normalcy in her life, Noella is somehow linked to a string of serial murders targeting the women of her hometown. Her nightmares eerily mirror what is later reported on the news, and she is torn by the guilt of wanting to help but fearing no one will really listen to her.

What if Noella isn’t crazy like everyone thinks? What if she actually has a link to another world, where a mysterious guardian watches over her and has done through several lifetimes?

For Nevermore is intriguing in its concept, skilfully navigating the choppy waters of a teen with a history of mental illness and how she relates to a world that generally doesn’t accept her. Her supporters are staunch but few and far between. The fortitude and resilience shown by Noella are wonderful qualities in a young adult heroine, giving readers someone to truly look up to and root for because everyone can relate to her feelings of insecurity.

This is presented in the television serial format authors Sean Platt and Dave Wright are having so much fun with right now. I downloaded the whole “season” instead of consuming the material on an episodic basis, and that may have been a mistake. I thought I would want to read it straight through like a book (as I did with their Yesterday’s Gone series), but in this case I think the space would have enhanced the experience. There is a lot going on in this story, which has elements of fantasy, horror, romance, and teen angst. It was a bit overwhelming to take in all at once.

The plot was intriguing, if a bit uneven in pace. The characters were compelling and the world(s) had interest and depth. The writing sometimes felt a bit rushed, as evidenced by typos that were probably the result of Sean and Dave’s insane intense production schedule. I mention this not to be picky, but because work this solid deserves to be presented with little-to-no error. I was not thrown out of the story by the little mistakes, but I was aware of them. You may be too scared to notice. This series is intended for YA readers, and I think it is perfect for teens and adults who enjoy the horror/fantasy/thriller genre, served up in a fresh style. If you’re at all prone to nightmares, don’t read this in the dark.

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