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August, 2012 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Book Review: The Moonstone by Nikki Broadwell

A young woman is reunited with her estranged mother who tells her that they must leave immediately to visit the Otherworld so the young woman’s unborn child can be blessed. However, there’s more to it than a pleasant (walking) mother-daughter road trip. This book intrigued me with its Scottish setting and a heroine on a quest that challenges her to keep an open mind about magic and spirituality. I have roots in both Ireland and Scotland and while I have more of an affinity towards Ireland, that didn’t stop me from relating to this story. A Scottish brogue is as romantic as an Irish lilt, and magic is magic whatever country you’re in. The Otherworld was described beautifully and Gaelic words and Celtic lore were mostly explained within the context of the story.  This book is strong on magic, replete with gods/godesses, magic stones, prophecies, and healers who do more than administer herbs. I loved that I was encouraged to let go of the secular world and trust in the unseen, as the protaganist, Finna, must do on her quest. I didn’t connect with Finna as much as I would have liked, but the hints about her future child lead me to believe that I will like that character very much as she develops in the next books. I was also distracted by some typos, especially in the last third of the book (I am very picky about that kind of thing). Overall, the author wove a story that made up for the technical hiccups, and I will be buying the next in the series. * * * Yup,...