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June, 2012 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Book Review: Lycopolis by Ali Luke

Set (mostly) in England, the contrast of a current, high tech world and ancient, primeval powers provides a thrilling and thought-provoking journey. The story plays out in parallel, with a group of role-playing gamers who find themselves in a story thread that becomes horrifyingly, real. Seth, the creator of the game Lycopolis, has a dark secret and he uses the game to draw people into his mad experiment. His assistant, Kay, becomes aware that something is off and must work within the game and in real life to defeat Seth’s plan and save her friends. It is not a simple tale of good versus evil, or even “real life” versus role playing. The author explores themes of depression, family, and deceit while taking the reader on a page-turning ride. Aside from the intriguing premise, I bought this book because: 1. Ali Luke writes great blog posts. Thus, she had already established trust. Yes, fiction is different than non-fiction, but I still knew she could write. 2. I am passionate about supporting indie authors, particularly those that write any form of fantasy. Indie authors face an uphill battle. While they may be turning out books that are as good or better than those traditionally published, the expectations are that traditional=quality and indie=crap-shoot. Fantasy is my favorite genre, and if I could find a way to just read fantasy all the time, I would. Now that authors can get their work out there sans “gatekeepers” I will never hurt for fantasy tales. As a reader, writer, and editor, I feel a responsibility to help the good stuff rise to the top....

The Real Magic of “The Magic Quest”

Creativity is a magical thing, and no one has proven this to me more than my cousin, Matthew Schilling, with his debut book, The Magic Quest. Matt is a young adult with autism and a seizure disorder, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his creative expression. He loves telling jokes and performing in plays, and now has realized a long-term dream of becoming a published author with the help of his tutor, Nancy Barth. I have been fortunate to help with the indie publishing process, from editing to project management. It is nothing less than magical to see this book out in the world. The Magic Quest tells the tale of a young man who must stop the Evil Wizard from getting his hands on a certain spell book and thus destroying the world. Magic spells, people-turned-animals-turned-people, detestable bad guys, humor, suspense; this book has it all and more. It is not only a gripping story, but a window into the mind of someone with autism. Ten Percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book are to be donated to the Easter Seals Central California Autism Intervention Program. I am thrilled to announce that The Magic Quest eBook can now be purchased from the following e-tailers: Amazon Barnes & Noble iBookstore Kobo Sony It will soon be available at Copia, eBook pie, and Gardener’s (for the UK). A paperback version is in the works as well To be sure you get the news, sign up for updates here. If you or anyone you know would be interested in having the author as a guest...