Hiya from England!

This is what I get for not having a post pre-scheduled. It’s the very end of the week and my blog has been quite silent. I had some trouble getting my computer set up, due to a lack of the proper converter, which necessitated ordering a British-style lead. It took a few days to sort but I am back in business, just in time for the weekend, which I usually like to take off.

I only have a few minutes to say hello as we’re off to a rugby match (England v. Ireland). In the rain. Of course. That’s jolly old England for you! At least the pubs are cozy.

I am feeling the pull of writing, as if the air in England is infused with the spirits of great writers, past and present. I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing with a British accent in the very near future. There is just something about being somewhere different and out of my normal routine that sparks creativity. Perhaps I’ll actually get into some fiction writing, finally. Being here opens up more possibilities for me, as if I can shed the constraints of normal day-to-day thinking and let myself bolster my identity as a business owner and writer. A trip to the London Library, which I found out about from Joanna Penn, will most certainly help with that.

Speaking of Ms. Penn, I have finished reading her book, Pentecost. An ARKANE Thriller,
and will be doing a full review in the next week. Sneak preview: I really liked it and my only complaint was wishing it were longer.

So that’s my update. Now I’d love to know how you take your writing on the road, and whether you have any tips for doing so. Please share in the comments!


    • And of course it’s brilliant sunshine today. It is also Mother’s Day in the U.K. so Happy British Mum’s Day to you!


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