Leapin’ Lizards!

I hadn’t really thought much about Leap Day this year until yesterday. Perhaps because it doesn’t really seem like an extra day. We don’t get two Wednesdays or anything. There is still work to be done. Life is not pausing to leap about for joy. But I am not letting that stop me from having some fun today!

Shiva Nata

I am invoking the power of quantum leaps today, and what better to help me with that than Shiva Nata? I usually just do a few minutes in the morning, but I am going to do several sessions today. I have some patterns I have been mucking about in for a long time, and I would love some Hot Buttered Epiphanies to help me rewrite them once and for all. I will be playing with the DVD* and the app, as well as doing some random variations I’ll think up on the spot.


I am leaping around these today. I do have things that have to get done, but I also can devote some time to purely fun activities. I can also play with how I do things. For example, instead of pushing myself through a workout that feels more like a should than a want, I will find other ways to give my body the movement it craves. Shiva Nata counts for that of course. Also yoga, mini-dance parties, and maybe a walk.


Did you know that rules are not Leap Day-approved? That’s right! This day kind of exists in an alternate dimension, so silly rules like “you can’t have that much chocolate” or “naps are not allowed” don’t apply. This means it’s a great day to try something that scares you. Write a blog post or a short story maybe. Record a vlog. Paint or sketch. If you somehow end up cringing at the results, so what? What happens on Leap Day stays on Leap Day.

I’d love to hear how you are observing Leap Day. Please leave a comment!


*Shaking my affie-taffy.

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