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One Dumb Belief | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

One Dumb Belief

I am participating in Danielle LaPorte’s Burning Questions Series; more on that here.

What’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?

Similar to Danielle’s belief about their only being one soul mate for each person, I am recovering from the belief that we each have one singular purpose on this Earth. I used to think that this meant I would have one career, one area of study, one thing I did really well. In high school I even identified my Thing: Theatre.

I was seriously in love with acting and the whole theatrical universe. I loved the acceptance, the community, the long hours of work to create something good. I loved the history of theatre and all of the elements that contributed to a wonderful production, from the script to the actors to the lights and sound. I appreciated how a set supported the theme of the play, how lighting gave us actors a mood and a chance to shine.

I loved dissecting scripts and breaking them into “beats” so that the impact would be powerful. My favorite thing was the energy exchanged between performers and the audience. I loved that a work of fiction, properly executed, could make people think about things they never would have otherwise. Drama can express the human condition where facts and figures fail.

After I graduated, I decided a life in show business wasn’t really for me . I settled into a pays-the-bills job and waited for my new Grand Purpose to make itself known. For a while I thought it was education and pursued a master’s in that field. Education is still very important to me, but mainly my degree serves to let people know I’m capable of hard work and that I have a certain level of intelligence. What a pricey way to do that!

Upon finding myself unemployed three years ago, I stumbled upon the entrepreneurial path and Lady Myers’ Wordsmithing was born. I love working with words; reading them, writing them, editing them, coaching them into existence. But I don’t think it’s my One Grand Purpose. Career-wise, I have accepted that I will never have one.

Rally, I think, we all have the same purpose: to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. I first realized this truth back in my Catholic Church-attending days, but the concept goes beyond Christianity. To me, heaven is a place of love, peace and joy, so I try to bring more of those qualities into the world.

It is my purpose to fill up on those qualities so I can spread them as far and wide as possible. It doesn’t matter if I only reach a few people or thousands; each soul is vitally important and necessary. We can all live this purpose from wherever we are, whatever our circumstances. Even if you don’t believe in an afterlife, this life can only be made better by an increase in love, peace and joy.

I do still struggle with the whole Grand Purpose thing, especially  when love, peace, and joy aren’t advancing my career or growing my biz. It’s a hard belief to shift, the work of a lifetime. Every time I remember my true mission, though, I am moving in the right direction.

* * *

Does this strike any chords in you? Want to share your one dumb belief? Please leave a comment!

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