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From Artist to Entrepreneur, Mindset Shift #1: The Definition | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

From Artist to Entrepreneur, Mindset Shift #1: The Definition

And so begins our series on artist-entrepreneurs, wherein I divulge what has moved me from cringing at to embracing the word “business.” The introduction to this series is here.

Initial Belief

People who own their own businesses went to business school, wear suits, and think in terms of spreadsheets.

That’s all fine but it certainly isn’t me. Probably isn’t you either.

Mindset Shift

You can define what entrepreneurship means to you.

One day a few years ago, I discovered blogs. One led to another led to another, and drips of inspiration became torrents. Everything I believed about business was turned on its head.

All kinds of people had businesses, from MBAs to hippies (for even more inspiration, look here):

These people were sharing their experiences, mostly for free, and I consumed voraciously. I began to believe that it was possible to become an entrepreneur, and the biggest step towards that was shifting my perception.

You can make the shift, too. In fact, that artsy imagination you were born with will be a boon as you stretch your entrepreneurial wings. Create a character that has your talent and also happens to be business savvy. If you can write it, you can become it.

Suggested Exercise

Make a list of everything the word “entrepreneur” means to you. Make another list like this substituting “artist” for “entrepreneur” (or musician, writer, healer, etc.). See if there is any common ground.

Do you have thoughts on this? Please share (but only if it’s comfortable) in the comments!

* * *

I shake my affie-taffy for some of these people.

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