How do you want it all to feel?

I am participating in Danielle LaPorte’s Burning Questions Series; more on that here.

How do you want it all to feel?

I want my writing to feel like a zen sand garden.
I want my wordsmithing to feel like interior decorating, arranging and designing and accessorizing in aesthetically pleasing ways, both visually and spiritually.
I want my exercise to feel like a kids’ dance party.
I want my meditation sessions to feel like taking a luxurious bubble bath.
I want my relationships to feel like reading a good book.
I want my money flow to feel like a sustainable eco-system, the circle of giving-receiving-creating in abundance.
I want my mornings to feel like the hope of rebirth.
I want my evenings to feel like my favorite bathrobe, comforting and cozy and full of stars.


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