Me, an Entrepreneur? Yeah, Right!

Once upon a time, I had my passion and purpose in life all figured out: I was going to be an actor. I pursued that dream through college and beyond, before making a decision that would take me off that path forever.

During my four years studying theatre at college, I fell more and more in love with the craft. In the last semester, I also discovered a talent and inclination for directing. I wanted to immerse myself in the theatre world and thought a graduate degree would be the logical next step.

After auditioning for grad school and not getting accepted anywhere, however, I had to face a hard reality. I could have moved to L.A. or New York and pounded the pavement, but that just didn’t appeal to me. I knew that to do that would mean developing a business acumen that I just had no interest in. Of all the vast choices offered in college, there were three areas I knew for sure I wanted to avoid like the plague: science, math, and business.

If I moved to an acting hot spot, I would be spending most of my time working a lousy job to pay the bills. The spare time I had would be spent in hustling, trying to find an agent and getting myself into auditions as often as possible. That wouldn’t leave much room for doing what I actually wanted to be doing: acting. So I decided to let that dream go. I still had an outlet for creative expression in my local theatre, so it wasn’t a total loss. The new challenge was to find my next dream, my new purpose in life, and I have been searching for the last ten years.

A couple of years ago I decided to do something I could never picture myself doing before: start a business. It turns out that a lot of my preconceptions about what it would take to do such a thing were misconceptions. The beauty that is the Internet connected me with people who taught me that business can be creative and that it’s not just for risk-happy extroverts. It’s a good thing I went on to get a master’s in education, because I am learning like crazy.

Perhaps you are facing a similar dilemma. You are an artist, a creator, and while the promise of indie publishing at first gave you the feeling that you could actually do this writing thing, you came to realize that it would mean becoming a business person as well. This can be a deflating realization, but I am here to help. Over the next few posts I will tell you about some important mindset shifts that will help you start feeling like your dream to be self-published (and making money at it) isn’t so far-fetched.

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