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Review: Virtual Book Tour Magic | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Review: Virtual Book Tour Magic

Dana Lynn Smith, Savvy Book Marketer


Who it’s for

Anyone who has a book to promote and wants to do it themselves but isn’t sure how.

Why the you should listen to the author

She has 16 years of experience in the publishing industry, a degree in marketing, and personal experience with VBTs. She has written several guides to help authors and independent publishers.

What I liked most

The Table of Contents is linked to the text, so it’s easy to “flip” back and forth between sections. Links to examples were helpful, as was the trouble shooting section at the end.

Dana gives a concise, clear definition of what a Virtual Book Tour (VBT) is. Mainly, it’s appearances on blogs/podcasts/social media scheduled to maximize sales of your book.

She defines four types of tours:

A Traditional Tour lasts one to three weeks with about one stop a day.

An Extended Tour lasts several months, and the author maintains an extended presence on each stop (such as weekly guest posts for two months).

A Blastoff Tour is used to raise Amazon sales in a short time period; the author’s content is more standard for multiple appearances.

A Social Media Tour involves using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more to have chats, contests, etc.

Keep in mind that VBTs are win-win-win as hosts, authors, and readers all benefit in numerous ways. Another plus is that while there is a fair level of work required, overall VBTs are less time consuming than traditional tours.
The bonuses provide a detailed checklist and in-depth advice on writing content for your VBT.

A few of my favorite tips

Plan early. Especially when it comes to building relationships with potential hosts; they may be booked months in advance.

Get organized. There are a lot of details to keep track of, so put a system in place that you are comfortable with.

Use Google Alerts to see how much you/your book is mentioned and where.

Have contests for readers and hosts.

Collect review quotes and get permission to use them for promo purposes.

Last words

The content of this book is solid and well-delivered, with no typos for my picky wordsmithing eyes. A clear introduction would have been nice, and it could do without so many “more on that in chapter X” references. See how much help I’ll be if you hire me? If you are writing a book or even are just starting to think about writing one, get this and you won’t be so overwhelmed when it’s time to make sales.

* * * * *

Yup, shaking my affie-taffy.

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