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Resting Into My Goddess Year 2012 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Resting Into My Goddess Year 2012

Happy New Year!

All that celebrating was fun, but do you know what I am craving right now? Rest. Lots and lots of rest. I was somewhat expecting this as I began my detox this week but I was also expecting to be much farther along in planning my year. Turns out that this dreaming/creating/planning stuff takes quite a bit of energy.

On New Year’s Day, I set up my play station with fun paper, scissors, glitter glue, and magazine cutouts, fully intending to have everything in a binder by the end of the day. After all, I’d been answering the questions in the Goddess Planner for the last couple of weeks, so now was the fun part. I had all day to do it. Instead I read, slept, and watched TV. I couldn’t figure out my lethargy. I’d purposely taken it easy the night before, overindulging in neither food nor drink. I was up until the wee hours of the morning but I had slept in.

Eventually I began putting some stuff together, and discovered that along with my word of the year, Grace, I also wanted themes of Vibrance and Imagination. I cut out more images and let my mind wander. I decided that there was no real hurry to finish my planner right away and went back to couch surfing.

I’ve been slowly toying with it over the last couple of days, but I’m giving in to the idea that this week needs to be about rest. I have so many ideas for my life and particularly my biz, but I’m just not ready to dive in to productive mode. And that’s okay. Resting now means trusting my body and I am always rewarded when I do that. By honoring my needs I will probably accomplish more in one week than the two I’d originally scheduled.

Are you feeling the urge to hibernate, too? If so, go for it as much as you can. Tell all the guilt monsters that it’s just an experiment, and if resting now doesn’t pay off in huge ways later, you’ll go back to doing it their way. Even if you can’t put work off or take naps all day, look for ways to bring the quality of rest into your day. Go to bed ten minutes earlier. Do a gentle yoga practice instead of a fast-paced cardio class. Drink more tea and less coffee.

If you are so moved, I would love to hear how you are feeling in this shiny new year and/or what mini-hibernation tips you have. Comment below!

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Yes, I shake my affie-taffy for this.

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