Join the Rule Rebellion!

I had a very nice, orderly to-do list that would let me take next week mostly off. On that list was writing another blog post this week. The post I had drafted needs to be postponed, which left me kind of panicking.

I noticed that there were some rules around blogging that were inducing this panic, so I have decided to publicly flaunt them. So what? You may very well ask. But I am not the rule-breaking type. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been formally punished for breaking the rules. It’s just not my thing. Some rules, however, need to be broken.

Rule 1: All blog posts must be at least 500 words.

Rule 2: All blog posts must be full of valuable or inspiring information.

Rule 3: Never post on a Friday afternoon.

Rule 4: Never post a first draft.

I’m breaking all of these, right here, right now! What a rebel I am.

It’s always more fun to rebel with others, so join me, won’t you? Is there a task on your list today that has some rules around it that could use a little breaking? It doesn’t have to be biz-related.

Maybe you have a rule about not commenting on blog posts unless you can think of something super-smart to say. Break that one! Leave a comment just saying “Hi” or “Merry Christmas” or “Silent Retreat.”

This rebel thing feels pretty good, actually.


  1. “Sit on it, dolly. Sit on it!” That’s what you told your doll the first and only time I remember putting you in time-out. You were about 2 1/2. I think I grounded you once in high school. So, go ahead and break all the rules you want, as long as it’s not dangerous!!

    I didn’t know there were blog rules. And I like short posts, too. My rebellion today? Eating too much sugar.
    Nancy Barth´s last blog post ..Comment on “How to Write Like a Drama Queen (or King)” by Nancy Barth

    • Yes, I have lots of rule-breaking to make up for! And we have to indulge now so we’re even more motivated to eat healthily in the new year.


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