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Creating My Goddess Year 2012: Giveaway and the Big Picture | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Creating My Goddess Year 2012: Giveaway and the Big Picture

Time for Prezzies!

I am thrilled to be offering my first giveaway, Creating Your Goddess Year 2012, courtesy of Goddess Leonie Dawson. I am using this gorgeous, thoughtful, fun planner to map out my year, as you can see.

Now you can, too!

As part of her goal to get this in the hands of as many goddesses as possible, Goddess Leonie has graciously given me the opportunity to gift a copy to one of my readers.

This guide is good for creative, thoughtful, spiritual women of all ages, regardless of faith, creed, or religion. This may be you, or may be someone you know. Re-gift it, I won’t tell!

To Enter

“Like” the Lady Myers’ Wordsmithing Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment between now and midnight Pacific time on December 22 telling me one of your wishes for 2012.

I will draw a name at random and announce the winner on December 23. The winner will receive their digital copy of the guide that day as well.

You can wish for anything you want, big or small. What you wish for will have no bearing on  your chance of winning.

Of course, if you don’t win or don’t want to wait that long, you can purchase Creating Your Goddess Year 2012 here. It’s only $9.95 and packed with awesome.

On to the post:

I find myself struggling a bit as I write this. I’ve written about releasing 2011 and now it’s time to envision 2012. I have so many wishes and dreams and hopes, many of which I feel good about sharing but some that are too personal.

I still want to talk about them, because they are pretty important to my 2012, but how to do it without making anyone uncomfortable? Proxies, of course! I will choose code names for these sensitive things, names that have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual things. It’s all about the energy around things, not the things themselves, anyway.

I’m also afraid of being self-indulgent, of no one being interested in or benefited by this kind of reflection. I know, however, that even if that were true, it would be okay. If it only helps me, that’s still one person helped! And I’m not forcing anyone to read this stuff. I am hoping that it connects with others like me, who like to explore and dream and play. But it is okay if it doesn’t.

Then there’s the collision happening between my left and right brains. The right wants to just throw everything into the pot, the left wants tidy containers for everything. I keep trying to make one plan for my personal life and one for my professional, but how can I separate anything, really? What I do in my personal life affects my biz and what I do in my biz affects my life. Sorry, lefty, I think righty wins this one.

All this to say: Here’s my big picture of a beautiful 2012.

I want to experience

Crackers (proxy the first!).
Having a profitable business that allows me to hire all the support I need and live my ideal life.
A year that is joyful no matter what.
Ease with the Bubble Quest (proxy the second!).

I want to feel


I want to give myself

A thriving biz.
More massages.
My dream doctor.
A queen size bed.
A mostly gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based diet.
More facials, manis & pedis.

I give myself permission to

Be extra good to myself during the first quarter, when I’m most susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
To want what I want without judgment.
To give equal weight to how I think things should be as I give to how others think things should be.
To make mistakes, even repetitive ones.
To not have the perfect diet, crackers, Bubble Quest, body, business, spiritual practice.
To play big when I am moved to.
To play small when it feels right.

Next up is my plan for the first quarter of the year, with more specifics on how I will address SAD.

You can use these prompts to start planning your 2012, and if you want some extra witnessing, leave a comment!

* * *

Lady Myers’ Wordsmithing is happy to be an affie for anything and everything Goddess Leonie creates.  


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