Book Review: How to Market and Sell Your eBook

The Deets

Title: How to Market and Sell Your eBook: Everything You Need to Know to Make Money with ePublishing*

Author: Sarah Mae

Purchasing info.: $4.99; available as a PDF, Kindle, or Nook download.


That is one enticing title, with an even more enticing price. Just two of the practices Sarah Mae preaches in this book and does well herself.

Who it’s for

Fledgling authors with passion for a topic that want to see their work published without needing a traditional publishing house.

The content is mostly geared towards nonfiction authors, but much of it applies to fiction writers as well.

Why you should listen to the author

She sold over 11,000 copies of her eBook 31 Days to Clean* in the first two months of release. She has also written Core Lies*.

What I liked most

An eBook starts as an idea and (hopefully) ends as a profitable product. All of the whys and wherefores are covered here.

She emphasizes the importance of professional editing, formatting, and design. Yes, you can do these things yourself, but you risk missing things and what you don’t spend in money you will more than spend in time. Focus on what you do best: writing. Leave the delivery of that writing to the pros.

Links to additional resources on specific points are included.

She spells out what you need to know about earnings, from royalties to PayPal to tax forms.

A few of my favorite tips

Two keys to successful content: Passion and need.

Look for a sponsor: If you have a book that can showcase a brand in an authentic way, this could be a great option; one or two sponsors could cover the costs of production.

Title selection: It should be relevant to the subject matter; think about keywords that would be used in a Google search on the topic.

Building buzz: Using whatever platforms you have (blog, Facebook, Twitter) start talking about it from the beginning; your fans will be invested by the time you launch and primed to buy.

Reviews: Learn how to get them and what to do with them to maximize their impact.

Last words

While none of this information was completely new to me, I spend a lot of my time on blogs ingesting anything and everything related to writing and self-publishing. For the price, this book is worth the time saved to have all of that information in one place. It covers the three main areas that Lady Myers’ Wordsmithing specializes in assisting you with: Head to Page (writing), Camera Ready (editing, formatting and design), and Out in the World (marketing) .

Whether you are a complete do-it-yourself-er or like some support, this book is a good place to start.

*Affie link.

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