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Tech Woes, Adaptation and Boundaries, Oh My! | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Tech Woes, Adaptation and Boundaries, Oh My!

I work at my grandmother’s house from around 7am to 1 or 2pm Monday through Friday. I help her with some care giving activities and during my downtime, I work on my business. Yesterday I discovered that my MacBook Pro couldn’t connect to the WiFi, no matter what I tried. My iPhone and iPad were connecting just fine, so I was able to search for help for a couple of hours but wound up with nothing but a headache.

I knew that I should just let it go, figure out what I could still work on, and worry about the rest later. Surely nothing too urgent could come up, right? I did my best to stay curious and look for the good in the situation, but I could not get rid of that nagging feeling that I was missing something.

I looked deeper, and saw that my fear of missing out was connected to my fear of not making enough money to have a thriving business. A monster was telling me that if I wasn’t plugged in all day, I might miss out on a “This Day Only!” opportunity to grow my biz in a major way.

My wise Higher Self gently reminded the monster that all growth happens internally before it is manifested externally. The monster responded with its fear that there will never be enough time to spend on the activities that will bring me more of my Right People. My Higher Self agreed, because time is a tricksy bugger never really the answer, then suggested looking at things from a different angle.

One, how could I adapt my daily routines to the present circumstances? And two, is there anything I want to apply going forward once the internet problem is solved?


I could use my iPad to:

  • Access my to-do list and time-tracking service.
  • Catch up on blog posts.
  • Hang out on social media.
  • Check email.
  • Read and deconstruct a novel for self-edification and possible future blog post.

I could still use my laptop to:

  • Write drafts of blog posts.
  • Work on my Towne Crier sign-up thank you gift.
  • Work on a client’s book.
  • Work on my novel outline.

I read my local paper online, so I ate breakfast at my desk while doing that. I also checked my email to see if there was anything urgent to attend to. If anything came up while I was away that required a response I didn’t want to type out on the iPad, I made a note to take care of it once I was home in the afternoon.

All in all, there really wasn’t that much inconvenience involved.

Lessons Learned

I confirmed what I already knew, that I use the internet to avoid Doing the Work waaaaaaaaay too much.

My biz didn’t collapse because I couldn’t access the internet at will.

I kind of liked having focused time where I couldn’t just “look something up real quick.”

I was able to prioritize activities in a way that freed up mental space for projects that needed my full attention, like client work.

All Mostly Better

A software update has fixed the problem, unless another device (besides my iPhone and iPad) is using the Wifi at my grandma’s. Then I get kicked off, shrug, adapt, and get back to work.

Everything in life is connected, and the boundaries I’m working on setting in my personal life were reflected in the boundaries that were set by this internet thing in my business. Having clear, firm, loving boundaries is essential to my health and the health of my business.

So thank you, internet deities, for smiting me with this tech woe.

* * *

How do you deal with the breakdown of technology?


    • Letting the inner three-year-old out for a while is also a good option.


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