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Who Runs the World? Girls! | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Who Runs the World? Girls!

Can you feel the global shift in energy this week? That quiet but insistent pull towards hope?

That is the feeling of the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign.

The Girl Effect ripples like nothing else. It lets us know the potential for amazing change is within our grasp. Yes, over 600 million girls living in developing countries have at least as much potential for being caught up in the cycle of negativity as breaking free, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You never know what is going to change the course of someone’s life. Being a part of breaking the cycle of poverty for even one girl can and does have untold benefits. There are so many ways to be a force for good in this world, and it does make a difference.

I must remind myself of this over and over, because it’s all too easy get caught in a cycle of negativity in my own life. Guilt settles in. Some of it is survivor’s guilt, for having been born in a time and place that affords me all sorts of advantages. Some of it is for being ungrateful for all that I have and wanting more.

But it’s not about me. It’s not about how much I have, either materially or in opportunities. It’s about lighting a candle, holding a space, raising consciousness. I found out about this campaign from Liz at Dream Garden Coaching. Like her, I questioned what I could possibly say that would begin to be adequate. Thanks to her, I realized that just by saying something, I am introducing others to this phenomenon, others who may donate or talk about it or write a post themselves. It seems like such a small thing, but it embodies the spirit of the Girl Effect beautifully.

As the oldest of four girls, I am used to being an example. It has always been very important to me that my sisters know their own worth and that I be a source of inspiration for them.Being successful is not only something I deserve, but a responsibility I have of creating a world where everyone is treated humanely. So I asked myself:

What if there was a girl in a developing country watching my every move? What if she was depending on me to show her that there is more out there and she can have it? How would I act?

This week, I am keeping that question at the forefront of my mind.

I was born to be a big sister, to live a successful, happy, loving, abundant life that gives other girls something to look up to, to show themselves it really can happen.

* * *

October 4-11 is the blogging campaign to raise awareness for the Girl Effect, a movement that cannot be described better than it is in the video on the bottom left of this page, so take a few minutes to witness it.

You can find out how to add your blogging voice here.


  1. You ARE a great big sister, Christine. You’ve also been a role model to countless girls in the Confirmation classes you’ve taught and in the plays you’ve performed in.

    • Thank you, Mom. It can be hard to remember the good sometimes; that’s why God gave us mothers like you!

      • Aw, you’re sweet!



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