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Book Review: Facebook Fame | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Book Review: Facebook Fame

Last week I talked about my experience at the launch party for this book. This week I read it and was very happy with my purchase. I’ve been following Laura Roeder for awhile now, and she knows her stuff. She’s also very authentic and likeable, two reasons I liked her book so much.

The Deets

Title: Facebook Fame: The Facebook Marketing Bible for the Small Business

Author: Laura Roeder

Purchasing info.: $4.99 Download at Amazon.com*

Who it’s for

Small business owners, solopreneurs, DIYers.

Whether you’ve dabbled in social media or not, this book will get you up to speed on using Facebook as a (free!) tool for marketing your business.

Why the you should listen to the author

Laura is an online marketing and social media expert who specializes in educating small businesses in those areas.

She has a great way of breaking down material without sounding preachy or making the reader feel dumb.

This book is organized so that it is useful to people who are brand new to Facebook as well as those who have been using it for a little while.

Laura helps you get clear on your strategy and walks you through implementation  with actions you can take right away.

What I found most useful

  • I thought I understood this well enough, but I really appreciated the clear and concise explanations of the differences between Profiles, Groups, and Pages.
  • Instruction on how to use your Page to grow your email list and get “Likes” at the same time.
  • Answering these questions on what I want to get out of my Facebook Page:

    “Are you primarily looking to increase traffic? Are you looking to increase sales from your previous customers? Are you looking to build your reputation and know, like and trust factor?” (Kindle Locations 432-434)

  • What I came up with: I am looking to increase traffic to my website, build my reputation, and connect with my Right People.
  • The suggestion to put a call to action asking readers to post a response on Facebook at the end of my Monthly Missives.
  • The idea to use the photo and video features of Facebook to show yourself positioned as an expert (i.e., giving a talk, working with a client)

If I had been consulted

Part of my purpose in reading this book was to learn about producing something like this for myself and my clients. This meant I noticed a couple of areas that could be improved:

Proofreading: Some typos drove me crazy, especially after hearing her talk at the launch party about hoping they’d all been caught. Yes, most of them were minor (not capitalizing someone’s name, leaving out a little word like “is”), but they could have been avoided altogether. Luckily, this being a digital product, these errors can be corrected without the cost of reprinting!

Case Studies: These were written in third person (“Laura’s Zero to Facebook program”) while the rest is in first person by Laura, and the contrast was kind of jarring for me. The five case studies themselves were informative and added weight to the overall product, although they leaned toward testimonial territory a bit too much.

Last words

This is a must-buy for any small business, even if it’s only you for now. At $4.99, it’s very reasonably priced. Yes, the book is short on pages but it is long on value.

Sit down over an hour or two with your browser open to Facebook and see what happens!

* * *

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book, Facebook strategies in general, and how this review could be improved on, so comment away!

*I know I gush quite a bit about this book but I promise I have nothing to gain from any sales. The links are there for your convenience.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I haven’t heard of “Facebook Fame” before but I enjoyed your review and keep it in mind. I don’t own a business yet but you never know what happens… 😉

    • Thanks for returning the favor! I never thought I would own a business either. . .


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