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August, 2011 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing - Part 2

Writing Workshop: “The Help”

Okay, I know it’s corny but I can’t help hearing the Beatles’ “Help, I need somebody. . .” lyrics right now. Sing along if you know it! About a month ago I had an idea for a blog series that combined two of my great loves: reading and writing. One of my favorite bloggers, Larry Brooks of Storyfix.com, was posting a series on deconstructing “The Help.” Perfect! I thought. I can commit to reading this title that I’ve been ogling and learn about novel writing at the same time! I’ve mentioned my novel-writing dream before. Maybe some of you have a similar dream. If so, join me as I read and reflect on “The Help,” guided by Larry’s expert break-down and analysis. Here’s how it will work: Start with these posts for some general background: Getting Ready For “The Help” The Flip Side of “Concept” Deconstructing “The Help” Part One This covers chapters one through six, so if you’re playing along read (or re-read) those chapters. Then read these posts by Larry: Ripping Into The Opening Act “The Help”–A Closer Look at the First Plot Point As I read each part, I will post about it both in general and as it pertains to my understanding of story structure. I will be doing this on an accelerated schedule, so look for at least two posts a week in this series. The next post discussing Part One will appear on Thursday. Whether you’ve read it or not, join the fun at any time! Leave a comment, blog about your own experience, email me with your thoughts/questions. . .or just silently...