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The Lazy Bug Is Going Around | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

The Lazy Bug Is Going Around

Sometimes, you find just what you need. For me, today, that thing I needed was this post from Johnny B. Truant about. . .doing nothing.

I have been accomplishing a whole lot of nothing lately. At least nothing “productive.” I’ve been too busy dealing with the extra fatigue and mood swings that a certain female hormonal cycle brings. PMS is yucky at the best of times, but when you have fibromyalgia, it’s like having it times two. My mental and physical energy reach capacity way too soon, and when I can concentrate, most of my thoughts are negative. Not a situation conducive to creativity.

I have so much to do; who doesn’t? Uppermost on my mind is launching a new website, Youth At Promise, and building business through it as well as this site. I am so frustrated at the lack of progress I could scream, but that would probably trigger a migraine. When I can get quiet enough to ask my body what it needs, I hear “rest.” Not surprising. Yet I have a pattern of believing I need to earn my rest that gets in the way of the new belief I’m trying to absorb: rest first, shine second.

Even when I can accept that I need to rest, I am afraid to because it seems like 90 percent of the time, that’s what I need. My business is new, nowhere near the point of a 4-Hour Work Week that would allow for that much resting.

And so I try to do something, anything, that will move me forward. Today, I did some internal work on my new site. I am from the school of thought that working on yourself is working on your business, so this counted as “productive work.” I’m not going to get into the specifics, but I will tell you the results: focus on three things, and set very generous deadlines for them.

The Three Things

  1. Build website: Even if it is imperfect and amateurish. Just create the pages and know that there will be time for tweaking later.
  2. Blog Weekly: Brainstorm two months worth of posts and start writing consistently. Even if they are short posts or guest posts, just get them published.
  3. Create newsletter: I need to learn about the software, integrate it with my site, and let people know about it. I have a template in my head for a monthly newsletter so drafting that should be pretty easy. Note that I will get this going before I have a “cookie” offering. Wisdom says to offer a reward (an ebook, podcast, mini e-course) for sign-ups; I will be doing this but if I wait for it to be ready, my newsletter may never happen. Perfect is the enemy of the good.

The Timing

One week for each thing seems like a lot of time, so I’m going for two weeks for each thing, with a no-guilt clause for last-minute extensions. I’m also requesting a new name for “deadline.” I can’t really use “lifeline” as that millionaire show has already taken that and it would make things confusing.

“What’s the lifeline for this?”

“Um. . .ask the audience?”

See? Not gonna work. Maybe something along the lines of “wrap party.” That sounds way more fun anyway and not so scary.

Wrapping It Up

This is just one more lesson in the life-long school of existence. It’s a practice, this ease-full effort thing. It’s going to be hard not to push myself to accomplish more or to ignore the voices telling me I’m a pathetic loser who will never finish anything. That’s okay. The point is to become comfortable with the mess, the gray areas, the failures. In fact, the sooner I become comfortable with failing, the better.

* * *
If you’d like to add to this discussion, please do. If you’re feeling too lazy, that’s okay too; if anybody understands, it would be me!


  1. Well, if anyone should know about going with the imperfect, it’s me. My current site is the fourth incarnation, I think. And who helped me get it from the third one to this one? YOU!! So, give yourself time and your site will come.

    I don’t like “deadlines” either because that implies “finished” and that nothing new will come. And we both know that life and work are ever-evolving.

    Take a lesson from your two year old nephew–he sees a puddle of water and thinks,”splash!” He sees a field of dandelions and thinks, “beautiful!” He sees his Aunt Christine and thinks, “She’s funny!”

    We look at him and every little thing he says or does is an event to be celebrated. So I like you idea of saying “It’s a wrap” because that implies something exciting is now waiting to be unwrapped!! (And even if it was wrapped in the comics section and tied with string, it’s still exciting to see what’s inside).

    • Well said! Dominic is a great teacher about life.

  2. Also, remember every blog post doesn’t have to be profound! I like to have something about the quotes I choose for my “Thoughts for Thursday” but sometimes, it just doesn’t come. But that doesn’t mean the quote won’t have meaning for someone else, so I publish anyway.
    Mom´s last blog post ..Tuesday’s Tip 16-It’s Not a Paper Airplane It’s a Dodecahedron!


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