Mad Love Monday #42

A collection of all of the random things I loved on the internet in the previous week (or so), and why you might love them, too. Or at least crush on them.

  • Some fun advice on getting stuff done from Goddess Leonie. It involves Big Girl Panties and Wild Donkey Rides (I just realized how that sounds, but don’t worry, it’s completely G-rated).
  • The Dance indeed. What a wonderful way to look at serving my Right People.
  • Have you heard about the new gangs? They’re the “Cribs” and the “Beds” and you don’t want to find yourself in between them if you have babies, are expecting to have babies, or hoping to have babies soon.

* * *
Have a madly marvelous week!


  1. The Cribs and the Beds! Too funny–same old same old! Do you need a cowgirl hat? Did you ride a donkey in Greece??

    • Ha, ha. I have a hat, actually. No, no donkey rides in Greece, but I did see some donkeys.


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