Taking My Blog Back, Dammit!

I’m taking this blog back, dammit!

Taking it back from whom, exactly? Because I know it looks like it’s remained untouched (including by me, ahem) but that’s because those bastards are TRICKSY! They appear along with the mentors and advice-givers, freely dispensing this tip and that, suggestions and mandates strewn hither and thither. The (relatively) new blogger soaks all of this juicy goodness up, thankful that the masters have been so benevolent with their wisdom.

And then? Then the monsters* that have been invoked by all this goodness begin their whispers: “No, no, no! Not like that! It’s not on topic!” “Wait, you have to outline it first!” “This blog is about wordsmithing–what does your personal life have to do with that? You are deceiving any innocent readers who happen across this site!”

Which results in. . .a whole lot of crickets where a steady stream of blog content could be. Even though I know it’s my blog and since I don’t really have any readers to disappoint it doesn’t really matter what I write about, I’m still reluctant to break all the “rules” so the monsters can smugly sit back, arms crossed, eyebrows raised and say “See?”

That’s all they would need to say. I cringe at the thought of that look.

But today I remembered that I’m actually the boss here, or as I prefer to think of it, the Queen.* I also remembered that the monsters were probably really on my side, and scare tactics were the method they had chosen to keep me safe.

Turns out we just had a failure to communicate: they yelled and I cowered in silence.  So we had a little talk, and agreed upon a concept that would allow me to write what I please while still honoring the “wordsmithing” in my website’s name.

We decided that wordsmithing had a definition beyond one that connoted working with words (editing, formatting, writing, rearranging, etc.). Wordsmithing can also be used as a method for working on one’s life: by putting words to my thoughts, feelings and experiences, I am wordsmithing them into new ways of being and understanding. Pretty slick, no?

Now that everybody’s happy, I can start revving this blog back up. The only criteria for topic-selection? That it use words. So now I can write as the spirit moves me, and it does move me more often than is apparent. I’ll tweak my About page just so new readers can orient themselves and self-select out if they like. That was a concession the monsters requested, and I’m happy to give it to them. Words for everyone!

*Note: if you’re looking quizzically at these words/concepts, there’s only one person to blame. That would be Selma the Duck at The Fluent Self; luckily her business partner Havi has a glossary and many, many blog posts that explain things. So hop on over there if you are so inclined–if it all starts making sense, then you just might be one of my Right People!


  1. You know what’s funny? I ALWAYS thought of your blog as being representative of the work you do AND the words you write. So, Queen Bee, you are definitely on MY right track!!
    mom´s last blog post ..Thoughts for Thursday 14- Laughter

    • Aw, thanks!


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