The No-Plan Plan (like the can-can without dancing girls)

Note: I know my parenthetical statement in the title makes no sense, but how can you write plan plan and not think can can?

Okay okay okay! I get it! Message received!

I thought I was doing a good job of not getting swept away in the New Year’s hype. I began drafting a Magical Map, instead of a grand Strategic Plan for 2011 in December. The difference for me is that a plan is more concrete and goal oriented, while a map is about guidance and providing various routes for getting where you want to go. The magical part is that the routes change as I change, creating pathways I thought were impossible and constructing bridges over troubled waters I thought were un-crossable.

Then I found myself in 2011 with just the bare bones of a Map in place. I began to freak out at how behind I was getting. Then I remembered that January 1 is just one opportunity for new beginnings, and if it wasn’t helping me I didn’t have to stay committed to it as the Grand Point of Change for the year. I decided to take all of January to create my map, which I thought was rather clever of me.

Last night I found myself frustrated at how certain things in my life make planning impossible. In popped the unthinkable: what if I don’t plan at all? What if the reason I have so many obstacles to planning is that I’m not supposed to be doing so much of it?

A few hours into the morning and I’ve already come across two other messages about the positivity of not planning. My magical number of three has been invoked and I am listening.

This doesn’t mean I’m throwing my Magical Map to the winds. I still want to live a year out of creativity rather than reactivity. I want to make sure I am living my motto for the year: Rest and Shine. But I will be looser with my “goals.” I will focus more on how I want to feel, what results I want to make room for, and less on doing “x” three times a week or achieving “y” by July 1.

And this, of course, brings relief. It also brings the reminder that I only need to change my mindset to change my circumstances. I was only feeling behind because I hadn’t set the right frame for myself yet.

God is looking suspiciously like the cat that ate the canary right now. I’d tell God to cut it out if I wasn’t kind of feeling the same way.

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