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January, 2011 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Mad Love Monday #39

A collection of all of the random things I loved on the internet in the previous week (or so), and why you might love them, too. Or at least crush on them. I’ve been aware of alternate nostril breathing for awhile, but using it as a way to assess whether you’re in creative or analytical mode is new to me. You can bet I’ll be trying this out! Wow, what a great example of how reading blogs is not only not a time-suck, but f*ree business coaching! Want to feel the sting of bittersweet (mostly sweet tears)? Read this astounding “first chapter” by Joel, a young man who recently found a way out of his “silent prison” built by communication challenges. I’m so proud to say that I, along with my mother/fellow program instructor, had the pleasure of meeting him one year ago. * * * Have a madly marvelous...

The No-Plan Plan (like the can-can without dancing girls)

Note: I know my parenthetical statement in the title makes no sense, but how can you write plan plan and not think can can? Okay okay okay! I get it! Message received! I thought I was doing a good job of not getting swept away in the New Year’s hype. I began drafting a Magical Map, instead of a grand Strategic Plan for 2011 in December. The difference for me is that a plan is more concrete and goal oriented, while a map is about guidance and providing various routes for getting where you want to go. The magical part is that the routes change as I change, creating pathways I thought were impossible and constructing bridges over troubled waters I thought were un-crossable. Then I found myself in 2011 with just the bare bones of a Map in place. I began to freak out at how behind I was getting. Then I remembered that January 1 is just one opportunity for new beginnings, and if it wasn’t helping me I didn’t have to stay committed to it as the Grand Point of Change for the year. I decided to take all of January to create my map, which I thought was rather clever of me. Last night I found myself frustrated at how certain things in my life make planning impossible. In popped the unthinkable: what if I don’t plan at all? What if the reason I have so many obstacles to planning is that I’m not supposed to be doing so much of it? A few hours into the morning and I’ve already come across two other...