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Reverb 10 Day 24: This kid is alright | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Reverb 10 Day 24: This kid is alright

Today’s Prompt

What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

Actually, that moment was yesterday. Well, it was really several moments. But God* spoke to me very loudly over the course of the day. In fact, I was left with a great question to take to my Shiva Nata practice:

What do I need to know about walking on water?

Three times yesterday I saw/heard this phrase, and each time I got more goosebumps. It all started with simple curiosity. . .

Clue the first: journal

As I was waiting for my bagel to toast, I glanced through an old journal from 2006. I had found it when cleaning out a bookshelf the previous weekend. I actually thought it was blank so I picked it up to make sure. Reading old journals is not something I do very often.

I saw my frustrations with my body and my finances, which was kind of depressing. Four years I’ve been battling the same issues? Oy.

I also came across a reflection on my faith. I had a certainty that everything was going to work out, even if I couldn’t see how. I compared it to walking on water; if (like Peter) I kept my eyes on Jesus and relied on faith, I was good, if I looked down or started to rely on myself, I sank.

Apparently it was time to learn that lesson again, or remember it and go deeper.

Clue the second: note from the universe

Then my Note From the Universe yesterday had a postscript that read “Christine, you know that walking-on-water kind of feeling… whoops, that comes a little later in the program.” Hello! Could things get any more synchronous?

Actually, THEY CAN. Clue the third: “Mary Did You Know?”

Granted, this one only really stands out because it completes the magic number of three (is it weird to have a lucky number based on the Holy Trinity?). It’s not that unusual for me to be listening to a Christmas station at this time of year, and this particular song is only semi-obscure.

But as I pulled into my driveway, the last lyrics I heard were from the above-mentioned song:

“That your baby boy would someday walk on water?”

Right. So I need to cultivate that walking on water feeling, which means to stop relying on myself so much and to let my faith lift me up. The more I acknowledge the possibility of receiving what I want and trusting in the unlimited ability of God to give it to me, the more often I feel joy and unity.

God is determined that I learn this lesson deeply, so deeply it becomes a part of my DNA and all of my actions are based in faith. I am reminded that no matter how hard the struggles are, the wisdom they produce is worth so much more than taking the easy road. I’m pretty sure the easy road doesn’t lay across any bodies of water.

I will take this with me in 2011 by using water as a code word: anytime I see, hear or touch water I will remember what walking on water means, and realign myself with that feeling as often as I need to.

*I use God because it’s what I’m comfortable with but what I mean can also be described as Divine, Great Spirit, Universe, Love, etc.

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