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Reberb 10, Day 17: Lesson Learned | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Reberb 10, Day 17: Lesson Learned

Today’s Prompt

Lesson Learned: What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

I barely learned my best lesson before this prompt popped up! Guess you can’t rush enlightenment :).

The best thing I learned about myself this year is (cue drumroll). . .I can do it.

What? That’s my great lesson? Of course I can do it.

Wait, do what? Anything I set my mind to.

You can take your answer and jump off a cliff

Yes, I have “known” this for a long time. But I have known it in the sense that while I know I could skydive I’ve never actually done it.

I know people who have taken that leap and felt that terror turned exhilaration. I’ve seen it in movies. In my head, I know what skydiving is. In my body, I’m still clueless (and before anyone signs me up for a dive, I’m happy to remain that way. It’s a metaphor, people).

What’s it really all about?

So what is this metaphor really about? Successful entrepreneurship. I have seen plenty of “ordinary” people, both on and off line, run hugely successful small businesses. I’ve watched them build it from nothing to six figures a year. I’ve listened to them all tell me that if they could do it, anybody could.

In my head, I knew it was possible; that kind of knowing wasn’t enough.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment this really sank in, but over the last month or so my intellectual understanding has spread to my heart and gut. I really, really can join the ranks of all those entrepreneurs I admire so much. I no longer see myself as one of hundreds (or even thousands) of adoring fans, placing my role models on pedestals.

I now know what they know, that there are no pedestals (or spoons, for my fellow Matrix geeks).

Watch out for quicksand! (and other things a map is good for)

There, is however, a path, one that some are farther along on than others. Those successful people have just been journeying longer or more quickly.

There is nothing exclusive about this path; it is open to anyone who dares to live a life that is on purpose. I just have to keep going, sometimes forging my own path, sometimes gratefully following a map that was drawn by others.

I, in turn, will add to that map for those who come after me. That is the only difference between me and the superstars: how many footprints have been left on the path.

Through the looking glass (I hope Johnny Depp is there!)

Going forward, I am bubbling with delight and excitement at what I can create in 2011. I will do everything I can to remind myself of the intrinsic power that is always available to me. I will use this power for good, for myself and for others.

I feel as if I am seeing myself from the other side of the mirror; the side that is confident and secure in her power, the side that lovingly waves good-bye to the Me of Christmas Past and turns to face the Self of the Future.

And yes, the growing pains were worth it. I couldn’t have achieved this mindset shift without some purposeful struggle and strife.

Now it’s time to relax and celebrate the past year before I roll up my sleeves and immerse my hands in the rich soil of 2011.


  1. Another thoughtful stuffner of a post. Gonna work this into one of my blog posts one day: ” anyone who dares to live a life that is on purpose.”
    mom´s last blog post ..Book Bytes 9- The Panic Virus

    • Stuffner? I’m not familiar with that term but I think I’d like to be.

  2. Wow. What a stunning transformation. I am speechless with awe.

    Thank you so much for sharing your process with us. Because today I’ve been pretty beaten down physically, and I desperately needed to hear, “I can do it.”

    So thank you for this perfect boost exactly when I needed it most. 🙂

    • My pleasure–happy to return the favor! Your blog posts have helped me a lot, too.


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