Reverb 10: Day 13

Today’s Prompt

Action: When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

Good question. I am all about great ideas. I am much less about making them happen. Well, I am less about making them happen for myself. I’m good at helping other people make their ideas happen.

I have had so many ideas for growing my business over the last year and have never gone beyond the brainstorming stage with any of them. I read countless blog posts and articles on how to deal with this (mainly, read fewer articles and produce my own content), so I have the know-how. I just need the action-how.


Over the last month or so, I’ve come to realize why my current business has been so stalled. Sure, there were my health issues that made getting the basic things done difficult. There was the shiny object syndrome (alright, I’m sitting down to flesh out idea A. Oooooh! Idea B looks so much more exciting. Repeat.). But really, what was going on was that some part of me knew that my Great Work lay somewhere else.

Once I discovered “what I really want to do with my life,” the role of LMWS became clear: it was my starter business. As such, I wasn’t meant to pour my heart and soul into it. I was to use it to learn about being an entrepreneur, to try things and fail and try some more, so that when it’s time to launch my GW business, I’ll be well-prepared. The learning curve will be much less steep.

Successful Support from my Starter Business

I still want to earn a decent income from LMWS. The first part of my new plan involves going back to school for a couple of years and it would be nice if LMWS helped support me through that. Looking at it this way has brought so much relief and ease to how I view my career. Everything has clicked into place.

All that clicking into place still needs to be rendered in a concrete form, which is my next step. My ten-year plan is ready to be transcribed into a Magical Map (aka strategic plan), and I’m devoting the rest of the year to that. This plan will be full of action, but it will be filled with even more rest.

That is one idea that I have been putting into action: in the ration of rest to action, rest must always be greater. This means that I am taking more breaks, that even when I feel energized and want to keep pushing, I don’t. I know that if I do I will deplete myself, and neither my good nor great work will get done.


  1. What does GW stand for? It sure is hard to know how much effort is enough, how big is big enough, with a business, isn’t it? Building gradually is fine, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing now, so that’s enough for the time being. Your ‘rest to action’ ratio is important, and for you, that’s how you will be able to achieve your goals. I almost said dreams, but I heard this the other day: A dream is a goal that needs a plan.
    mom´s last blog post ..Random Ramblings- Music from the Harp

    • Sorry, I was abbreviating “Great Work.”

      I like that “a dream is a goal that needs a plan.” Not sure I agree completely, but there’s definitely some truth there.


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