Gimme Gimme Gimme! Or, Fun Gifts for Folks You Love

Ah, that wonderful time of year when finding the perfect gift becomes an Olympic Sport. There’s the list of who to buy for, from family to friends to co-workers to clients. There’s the hunt in couch cushions and car crevices and Swiss bank accounts (you don’t have one either? We better get on that!) for extra money to spend on gifts. There’s the ever-present countdown—only 36.5 shopping-seconds-til you have to admit failure-Christmas.

I won’t even get started on the malls, because if you’ve waited til the last minute and can’t shop online, you deserve the seventh circle of hell you’re walking (or rather, pushing your way) into. And then there are the people who have the nerve to have birthdays during December (ahem, have I mentioned mine is on the 30th?).

Sure, you can hop on Amazon and buy off of peoples’ wish lists. I have several things on my list I would be delighted to receive. But there are many other things I’d love that are off the beaten path. Maybe you know some people who would delight in creative, inspiring products and services that weren’t “Made in China.” Maybe you’d like the self-satisfied glow that comes with not only finding a unique gift but supporting a solo-preneur, a person like you who wants to do what they love for a living while also making the world a better place.

This list is guaranteed to be unlike any other out there. In no particular order, I give you:

Arts & Crafts

Walter Hawn is an amazing photographer and shares his work at several price points. Any lucky recipient of one his pieces will never forget who gave it to them! Act soon as December 10 is the last day to place an order for Christmas delivery.

As Sarah Marie Lacy says, “Nothing in the world can replace a one-of-a-kind object, created with passion and love.” Can you think of someone who would rejoice at being connected with a gorgeous piece of soul-comforting art? I bet you can–and if you can’t, there’s always me. Just sayin’ :). Order deadlines are December 15th for North America and December 1st (that’s TODAY!) for Europe.

Beth Wodzinski has the answer for all those sci-fi and fantasy lovers out there: a print and electronic magazine that publishes short stories in the afore mentioned genres (with forays into horror and more once in awhile). I love giving/getting magazine subscriptions as gifts because the giftee is reminded of the giver throughout the year.

You may know someone who has been meaning to take up knitting (after all Julia Roberts does it!). Go see Tara Swiger‘s  site, where she talks about yarn and makes it herself, which is on sale just once a month. Over here, she shows fellow crafty people how turn their Thing into a business.

What doesn’t Léan Ní Chuilleanáin do? Knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, dressmaking, and more. Talk about your one-stop shop for something one-of-a-kind. And it comes from Ireland! I am a bit Irish biased, true, but I’ve been there twice and the people are so friendly and warm. Even if you can’t experience the country first hand, having one of Léan’s items will give you a little taste of the magic.

Health & Well-being

I have first-hand (pun intended) experience with Heidi Fischbach‘s wonderful potions. Other than saying they are all natural, smell and feel good, I can’t describe them the way she does. Please check out her site for her magical words if nothing else, but once there I dare you to leave without ordering something!

You probably want to get Fabeku Fatunmise‘s “Don’t Lose Your Shit” kit for yourself as soon as possible. He created it because he “needed things that worked crazy fast and were super simple to use. Because that’s the only way to roll during the whoosh of the holiday wack-a-doodle-doo.” At least go read about it because laughter is good for you and none of us do it enough.

As some of you may know, I’ve been dealing with some health challenges over the last year or so. Sometime it seems like making sure I get the care I need is a full-time job. If someone on your list could use some extra support with this kind of thing, Char Brooks is your woman. Check out  her ebook “Patient Power: Get the HealthCare You Deserve” and “Your Health Your Way” teleclasses.

I have personally experienced the “transformation, clarity and creative vision” that the lovely Hiro Boga (while she doesn’t request it, there really always needs to be a “lovely” preceding her name) brings about. She is offering gift certificates for Intuitive Healing sessions; for an in-depth explanation, visit her site.

Business & Personal Growth

For anyone searching for the answer “What am I meant to do with my life?” Victoria Brouhard has a fantastic kit for finding your Thing, appropriately called the “Shmorian Thing-Finding Kit.” So much more fun and accessible than pondering your fate while staring at the heavens, waiting for a Divine Revelation.

If someone you know is looking to enter the mysterious world of online business, connecting them with Wendy Cholbi will earn you major points forever. All that confusing stuff, like blogging platforms and email lists and shopping carts and, and, and. . .Wendy can help the beginner get on their feet minus the DIY stress.

Speaking of things like finding your Thing and newbie entrepreneurs, a conversation with Maryann Devine could really enhance such a person’s growth. Read all about it here. Doesn’t it just sound irresistible?

Pace & Kyeli Smith of Connection Revolution are healing the world, so if you know someone who would like to help, check out their site for many awesome ways to do just that.*

Shannon Wilkinson is an inspired life coach who offers individual sessions as well as classes (available for download). May I suggest Why Resolutions Don’t Work (And How To Get What You Want Anyway)? What a fantastic holiday gift!

Eileen Valazza and Briana Aldrich are the brilliant minds of The Hopscotch Distillery, with such wares as “The Money Balloon,” a “buoyant system for managing your money” and “The Sailboat Kit, Weekly Time Management for People Who Hate Structure (but Love Metaphors.).”

Goddess Leonie has a beautiful, bursting with smart- and sassy-ness Goddess Workbook for creating your best 2011. If anything, give the goddesses in your life a link to her website, including her blog that just radiates joy and love.*

* * *

Whew! So much great stuff out there, right? You may just have all of your gifting decisions made for the next year (you’re welcome). Happy shopping!

*These fabulous peeps will send me thank you monies if you purchase through my link. I have to say that, I’m not trying to influence you one way or the other. I love all the people on this page, and I heart monetary and non-monetary thank you equally.


  1. Wow Christine, what a fabulous list! You’ve included some of my favorite people and things. I would love anything from these people. And, I’m flattered to be included. Thank you.
    Shannon Wilkinson´s last blog post ..Nine Quick Ways to Transform a Bad Mood

    • Thanks, Shannon! I’m not quite Oprah status yet, but I was happy to share my favorite things.

  2. If I didn’t have you, I’d have to call Wendy. I sent the Shimmer link to Kate Campbell and Tara’s site to Aunt Ruth and Aunt Barbara. Wish I could afford to buy something from every site! I like Maryann’s virtual coffee shope tete`a tete. Shannon’s classes and the Hopscotch Distellery fit my budget! The paintings and photographs from Sarah and Walter are gorgeous!!
    mom´s last blog post ..Writing From Kids 1- What a Fantastic Poem!

    • I wish I could afford that too! I’m kind of hoping to grow this into an Oprah-like event one year, where I run a contest and gift people with some/all of the things on my list.


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