Mad Love Monday #34

A collection of all of the random things I loved on the internet in the previous week (or so), and why you might love them, too. Or at least crush on them.

  • This gal really makes me excited about being a force for good in the world, particularly through my work. Like her, I see money as energy, and believe that the more of it that gets in the hands of those who have a Higher Good in mind the better our world will be.
  • The aforementioned and myself are both fans of Charlie Gilkey, who offers this list of “20 Inconvenient Business Truths.” The ones that really rung my bell are #s 4, 5 and 15. Let me know what your faves are in the comments.
  • Man, this Marissa Bracke is one smart cookie (in the sense that I’d like to eat her up and acquire all her powers. Lucky for her, she offers one-on-one guidance that probably does close to the same thing). After reading this, I almost can’t wait for Monday to Get Wired In.
  • Looking for a way to reflect on the past year and envision the next? Gwen Bell and friends are helping out with the Reverb 10 project. I’m planning to participate; let me know if you decide to as well!

“These are the goals of Reverb 10

1. to provide end-of-year support to budding and experienced creatives.

2. to help you find your voice by simply listening to it, and allow you to encourage others to do the same

3. to consider and honor your reverberations as you transition into a new year”

* * *

Have a madly marvelous week!


  1. I can see #5 of Charlie’s list being true for me. But in a slightly different way. I see the “clear idea of what [I’m] doing” part as the struggle between focusing on the business and getting rid of the idea of finding a part-time job in the meantime. I need to stop looking at Edjoin!!

    Marissa makes a lot of sense in her post. Getting ‘wired in’ is pretty hard with a two-year-old around! But I could certainly stand to apply her suggestions to those times when the two-year-old is with you! Establishing a pattern is what I need to do.
    mom´s last blog post ..Math Calculation and Reasoning

  2. They forgot one — you don’t own a business, it owns you!
    —from personal experience 🙂

    • Hmmm, good point!


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