The Relaxing Getaway, Complete With Stressful Bookends

And not the the cute, holding-up-0books bookends. Anyway.

Late Season Camping

My husband and I missed the camping season this summer because we were in a play. We said we’d go camping on the coast when it was done, and that time has come a calling. In theory, this sounds fantastic: two days on the beach, low-maintenance living (no blow dryers!), good food cooked over a fire, hot cocoa and deep conversations as the stars light up the sky. . .

In reality, these two days of heaven are brought into being by several days of preparation and unpacking. Camping actually requires a lot of packing, because you have to plan all of your meals and clothes for every type of weather. There are a lot of details that can make or break a trip, such as remembering the extra batteries for your head lamp. Then once you’re home, there’s sorting everything out, washing clothes and bedding, and putting it all back in storage.

I love camping, but at the moment it is doing more harm than good. Thankfully I noticed this before I turned into a cranky Debbie Downer. Time for some reconfiguration.

What is my goal?

What is the purpose of this trip? The purpose is to get out of town, out in nature, and spend a lot of time chilling. It is a time to let go of cares and worries, to get a little messy without getting up tight about it.

Is there anything I can do to bring those qualities into my prep/return home?

Hmmm. I can’t get out of town, but I can get out of the everyday mindset. I can let some of my routine slide on purpose, versus panicking because “IT’S NOT ALL GOING TO GET DONE!”

I can get plenty of rest.

Maybe I can take a walk to enjoy the Fall weather a bit.

I can trust that all of my lists will be enough to support this weekend in all of it’s good and less-than-good moments. Even if I forget something important, the trip will probably not be ruined. The only way out is through. . .

* * *

Stay tuned for an update on how the trip went and lessons learned.


    • Yeah, I’m a bit addicted.


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