Friday Wind-Down


Ah, yes, it’s that magical day of the week. The day we count down to almost as soon as it’s over. The day that always marks the beginning of the weekend, even if our work schedules don’t give us those two days off. Friday, when approached properly, puts us in transition from work to play.

As I am my own boss, I can pretty much arrange my workflow any way I want. For me, this means easing into Monday and easing out of Friday. Fridays are for fun and freedom, and I want mine to bring closure to the work week so that I can enjoy my downtime. Ways I do this:

Review my week

What I accomplished, what’s carrying over to next week, where I am on my projects. As I am still working on building my business, this lets me know in a tangible way that I am moving forward, even if my income isn’t.


It’s not exactly fun, but it is freeing. Going into the weekend with a clear inbox just feels good. Especially since my home office is just off the kitchen and I see that inbox frequently.

Cutting out early

Without feeling guilty! I may not have clients beating down my door just yet, but when I do I will hold onto keeping my afternoons free of appointments. By three o’ clock, I will be done with work and take a nap/read a book/watch tv etc.

Start the weekend right

Hitting the gym on a Friday evening with the intent to sweat out all the work-week stress and boosting energy for fun is an important ritual for me. Friday nights are usually about takeout and vegging on the couch with my hubs and a movie. Right now, however, we’re both performing in a play so that’s out. Less vegging, more partying. Relaxing in its own way.

* * *

How do you celebrate Friday?

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  1. I think I need to put what I do on my dammit list…
    .-= Mom´s last blog ..The Unthinkables =-.


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