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At the Smithy #3: Magical Mapping | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

At the Smithy #3: Magical Mapping

“At the Smithy” is a place where I discuss what I am currently learning about, be it through a book, an ecourse, a teleclass, or a life experiment. This is my opportunity to model what I’m teaching others and legitimizes all the self-work I like to do (bonus!).

So my first “At the Smithy” Project, Magical Mapping, is done! Well, just about. And unexpectedly.

My Extremely Valid Action Plan from last week was to check in with my week Monday morning and schedule “whatever Magical Mapping time feels appropriate.” While that didn’t really happen, I found myself swept up in the MM mood yesterday afternoon and after some final formatting today (apparently I’m feeling very alliterative), all that’s left to do is give it some physical space.

What it looks like

  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Mission and Vision
  • One page for each year of the five-year plan, starting with September 2009-2010. Each of these pages is divided into Website, Biggification (marketing), Operations, Product/Services Creation, Other, and Income Streams. My income streams are in table form and show my hourly rates and weekly/monthly goals. This is the only section of each year that is complete. That’s okay though as this is a living document that will grow and change, and as long as I know where I’m headed specifically for the next few months  I’m good.

Finishing touches

  • I found some really pretty paper that looks like it was designed for my business the other day, which I will print this out on.
  • I need to get a report cover to bind it in.
  • And. . .chocolate! It is important to celebrate achievements, no matter the size.

Up Next

The Sanity Saver, aka Policies & Procedures Manual.

* * *

How do you celebrate accomplishments?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. can’t wait to see it!


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