At the Smithy #2

“At the Smithy” is a place where I discuss what I am currently learning about, be it through a book, an ecourse, a teleclass, or a life experiment. This is my opportunity to model what I’m teaching others and legitimizes all the self-work I like to do (bonus!).

So my first “At the Smithy” Project, Magical Mapping, continues. I say “continues” in that it has been started but not yet finished, not in the sense that I’ve really accomplished anything new. Ahem.

Wouldn’t you like to know my excuses extremely valid reasons for this lack of productivity? Thought so.

Extremely Valid Reason 1

I’ve actually been pretty busy making money. One of my current clients has reached a point in our work together that involves a lot of preparation on my part. This is great. This is awesome. After all, my business is about providing services that help people so much they’re willing to pay me for my time and expertise.

However, this hasn’t left a lot of time for overall business development, aka Magical Mapping.

Extremely Valid Reason 2

I think I had an epiphany regarding writing earlier this week. I’ll post about it soon but suffice it to say that what I think I’ve learned will affect the way I structure my business. Magical Mapping needs to be put on hold while I process this and see if I need to turn in another direction.

Extremely Valid Reason 3

I’m a helper mouse and I’m learning about how to effectively establish boundaries around “work” time with the flexibility of being my own boss. I’m also less inclined to respect those boundaries when my loved ones need me, especially my nephew. I’m pretty sure my brain is just wired to say yes whenever he’s involved, much like it’s wired to respond to dark chocolate like a drug. I love love love spending time with him but I’ve learned not to try and get anything done when he’s around. Last time he came over I thought I could clean the kitchen while he amused himself with pots and pans. Except he decided he wanted to be held–for several hours. I think I wiped down the counters.

Extremely Valid Action Plan

Monday morning I will check in with my week and schedule whatever Magical Mapping time feels appropriate. In the meantime, I will be grateful for the fact that busy=money and that I can spend so much time with people I love. And chocolate.

* * *

What are your favorite excuses extremely valid reasons for not getting things done?

Have a great weekend!


  1. That same little whirling dervish!! I thought your Action Plan said you were going to schedule Magical “Naypping” time. LOL. I like the dark chocolate part, too. But DGS is less fattening!

  2. NAPPING!! Napping!!!

  3. DGS?

    Nayping–somebody needs a wordsmither, lol 😉

    Thanks for the reminder. I don’t think I took ONE this week, so maybe the thyroid meds are working. Or I’ve been too busy to even think about it. Or both.

    ANYWAY, naps are important. I’m sure I’ll take some next week.


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