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We all know that I love talking up people that are doing cool and inspiring things. Usually this is confined to my Monday Madness posts, but in the past couple of weeks some of my favorite bloggers have been particularly inspiring. I would write about them anyway, but they’re all offering unique rewards for my time (other than the chance of winning a contest, I am not getting paid for any of this).

Dave Navarro at Rock Your Day

This guy has a wonderful talent for making you not only think, but act. He ends his inspiring blog posts with a prompt for you to answer in the comments, and suggests you post anonymously as “Kick Ass” if you’re feeling shy. No excuses not to participate!

He also has a library full of free content to help you with your business. He also has stuff to sell, but by the time you’re done reading your first free report, you’ll be delighted to send him money for more. Or you may just keep reading his blog, which is fabulous in and of itself.

Emma Newman at Post Apocalyptic Publishing

Short bio (read the rest here): Emma is a brilliant writer who shares her short stories with the nets for free. She has a Short Story Club, which is free to join. In exchange, you get to suggest prompts/opening lines for stories and receive a new story every month. The person whose suggestion is picked gets first look at the story. How cool is that?

Emma also has a fun little collection of her stories available for  a nominal fee, which I have and very much enjoy. This is a great site for people who love to read and/or write, because you get to watch an author at work and follow her as she grows. Plus she’s super nice and humble as they come. Or maybe she’s just British.

Larry Brooks at Storyfix

Larry is a published novelist who writes an entertaining and informative blog about fiction writing. Recently, he offered a free copy of his latest novel, Whisper of the Seventh Thunder, to anyone who was willing to think about it as a selection for their book club. I wish I had a book club, because I’ve been interested in this novel since he first started talking about it and getting a free copy would mean I’d get to read it that much sooner. Alas, I am not part of a book club. I do plan on starting a virtual book club of sorts on this site (let me know if you’d be interested) but my timing for this promotion is off. Still, I wanted to highlight this very cool thing that Larry is doing and point any writers towards his site.

There You Have It!

I hope you enjoy these people as much as I do, and thanks for listening to me gush about them. Do you have any mad internet crushes at the moment you think I should check out? Please let me know in the comments!

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