Mad Love Monday #22

A collection of all of the random things I loved on the internet in the previous week, and why you might love them, too. Or at least crush on them.

  • What would you keep if you had to pay for it? As Charlie Gilkey goes on to explain, this applies to physical as well as intangible stuff. One thing I’m “paying” for and would love to just get rid of is the belief that I can’t be happy until every single person on earth can be happy.
  • As James at Men With Pens says, people see what you project, and if you project that your business isn’t serious, that’s how people will treat it. My poor business; I keep waiting for it to earn serious money before I feel I can take it seriously–and that’s exactly what other people do, too. Time to switch that around.
  • This probably hurts my street cred a little, but I have to brag about going out to a club on weeknight to watch Evaline, an up-and-coming underground music world favorite. Rock on!

* * *

Have a madly marvelous week!


  1. I wish I had your energy!

    • I wish I had more of it!


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