Mad Love Monday #21

A collection of all of the random things I loved on the internet in the previous week, and why you might love them, too. Or at least crush on them.

Now this is some elitism I want to be a part of! It’s all about idea generation, pushing boundaries and changing the world.

Darren Rowse at Problogger asks what you would do if you only had one month before you had to stop doing something. He gives the example of blogging, and I like this twist on the one-month-to-live question. Hmmm, food for post.

I’m one of those people who actually likes working out (most of the time). I try to make it a priority, but since I’ve started my own business that’s become a tad difficult. Not because I’m too busy, but because the extra time I want to spend working up a sweat I feel should really be spent on business development. Now I don’t have to choose! Thanks to Jonathan Fields, I can include working out in my business model:

Just as an out-of-shape, pained body becomes a constant distraction to hard intellectual work, a fit, able body becomes bio-chemical, structural and emotional support system that allows you to work harder, longer and more intensely than most others around you. Your “physical” abilities actually translate to an increased ability to develop your intellectual capacity.

Thank goodness there are people like Mark Silver out there who talk about spirituality and money. Here, he talks about the conflict of wanting to make money but feeling greedy. My question: If I would gladly take a job that paid me six figures, why do I feel guilty about pursuing that income as an entrepreneur?

* * *

Have a madly marvelous week!

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  1. As usual, you’ve given me food for thought!


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