How To Write a Magical Map in Seven Steps

Sigh. Okay, let’s try that again.

SSSSSIiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Ah that feels better.

I have been planning to redo my Magical Map for 2010 (aka Strategic Plan) for-gulp-a few months now. I have lots of ideas and I’ve even started a brainstorming document, complete with links to resources that will help me in my magical mapping. My genius idea for actually diving into this project? Telling myself at the end of every week that next week, for sure, I will take a day or two and dedicate myself to getting it started, if not done.

A-huh. Yeah, how’s that working for me? Let’s see: NOT WELL. It’s not getting done, the ideas keep bopping around in my head, and the Guilt Monger yammers on and on about doing something already. This is not helping my business or my life. So this Friday, instead of rinsing-and-repeating the whole “next week” schpiel, I’m going to try writing about it. This is going to be kind of a pilot test of one of my new ideas that will get developed in the Magical Map, and it’s a series called “At the Smithy.”

At the Smithy

“At the Smithy” will be a place where I discuss what I am currently learning about, be it through a book, an ecourse, a teleclass, or a life experiment. This is my opportunity to model what I’m teaching others and legitimizes all the self-work I like to do (bonus!). I was very happy to have this idea because I don’t just want to blog for the sake of writing. Sure, part of my mission is to just write (I see your raised eyebrows. Know that I will be doing more than I have been). Wordsmithing can’t happen without words, people.

And yet, I want to provide value so that my Right People can actually take something away from my posts besides “that was pretty.” I also want to keep myself accountable for using all of the resources I collect to educate myself, whether on a business or personal level. Apparently I’m not the only one with this problem, so the potential for this to be of use to someone is high. This also provides me with a way to showcase people out there who do an awesome job of making other people’s lives better, beyond just some link love.

Where to start? At the beginning, of course!

First up, Learning How to Write an Imperfectly-Perfect Magical Map in One Week or Less.

Step One: Take it seriously and put it on the calendar.

Step Two: Brainstorm. Or, if you’re like me, pull out the list you’ve been diligently compiling, review it, and brainstorm some more.

Step Three: Create a vision or two. I’m going to do a six-month, one year and five-year vision. Make the visions broad.

Step Four: Review any resources you’ve collected that can help with this planning process. Put a time limit on this! I tend to get lost on so many rabbit holes that I never get past this step.

Step Five: Work backwards to discover the short- and long-term steps you’ll need to take to achieve your visions.

Step Six: Identify obstacles to the process.

Step Seven: Draft a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule that allows you to work on your goals consistently.

Sound good? Let’s do it! Really. It’s on my calendar for Monday, May 16 from 9:30-11:30am. I commit to doing steps two and three, and to sharing what I learned at the end of the week.

* * *

Care to join in? Leave a comment to tell me what you’re working on and what steps you’re committing to when. This is so much more fun together!


  1. I am really good at Step Two.

    Step Three, not so much. I tend to just go with the flow.

    Step Four–oh, my word!! My problem is the same! I DO like finding resources! But, I’m
    actually working a bit on this during my move–finding better homes for some books and materials I no longer need, but that are still very good for the right person. I used to print everything out, but now I bookmark things on delicious. Makes it easier to share with colleagues.

    Step Five–I’m my own biggest obstacle, I think. I can always find other things to do or a cute little grandson to play with (who has been distracting you a lot lately, while we move!)

    Step Six–noooooooooooooooo! lol and that correlates with how I treat Step One!

  2. At least we’re good at some of it. Pint size distractions can be good for activating different parts of the brain, which can help with renewed perspective for work.


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