Learning is the Devil

Most of the time, learning is a good thing. Knowledge is power, and all that. But like anything else, you can have too much of a good thing. You can become addicted to it and turn it into something less than helpful, if not down right evil.

I know Lent just ended, but the Devil is apparently finished with Jesus for now and wants to tempt me with something I consider as necessary for survival as food and water: learning. Specifically, learning how to create the best ittybiz I can. And so I am going to enter the desert, not forsaking food but Business Resources Acquisitions.

First Step: Admit you have a problem.

Ahem. Hi, my name is Christine and I’m a learnaholic. I love to read and research, and if I could get paid to go to school forever I probably would. Give me a new topic and I will spend hours finding the best books, ebooks, blogs, articles, recordings, etc. However, I will not always review everything I find. Right now, I have an overwhelming amount of resources sitting on my virtual and physical bookshelves, just waiting to be devoured and put into play.

It’s all good stuff, but it won’t do me that much good if I never look at it. Yet I can’t stop acquiring information!

Some reasons:

  • I’m a new ittybiz owner, and while I wait to get my own experience, I want to find out all I can about others’ experiences.
  • I like to know as much as possible about something before I take action on it.
  • People I really admire keep putting out more damn products (I’m talking to you Havi, Naomi, and Chris) that I just can’t live without. I can’t even blame it on their marketing because they all provide you with plenty of reasons not to buy their stuff unless you can really benefit from it.

Enough, already!

Here’s where I realize that there will always be new and shiny things that will attract my attention and have the potential to improve my life and business for the better.

Here’s also where I acknowledge that I am using all of these products to avoid taking action. I am afraid that the key to really making my business everything it can be lies in one of these resources, and if I don’t find that key first I will fail.

I will fail.

If I’ve learned anything from all of my virtual mentors, it’s that if you want to run a successful business, you need to get very comfortable with failing. Nobody gets it perfect right out the gate. Actually, nobody gets it perfect ever. Building a business is a process, a series of taking actions, analyzing results, and revising your actions for next time.

And so I am declaring a fast.

For the next 40 days (we’ll call it Lent, The Sequel), I will not download or purchase any self- or business-improvement items. I don’t care how free, launch-priced, or limited-time offered it is, I will sit on my hands. I will remember that if it’s something I really need, it will be available to me later. So what if it will cost me more a few months from now? I will have the money for it because I will be taking action to actually build my business, not just read about it.

* * *

Have you ever done something like this? Have any tips for actually keeping up with the resources you acquire and implementing what you learn? Please let me know in the comments!


  1. I’m sorry, Christine. It’s all my fault. This problem is genetic. I will have to try your “fast” idea.

  2. No one is to blame here–I could have worse problems!


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