Mad Love Monday #15

A collection of all of the random things I loved on the internet in the previous week, and why you might love them, too. Or at least crush on them.

  • This is just what I needed to hear: not only am I not alone in sabotaging myself through negative self-talk, I now have an easy way to make myself proud for at least a few minutes a day. Thanks, Dave Navarro of Rock Your Day.
  • Seth Godin follows up Dave by telling me even being a rock star for five minutes a day counts for something.
  • Okay, I am so waving my hands in the air after reading Charlie Gilkey’s post about building daily momentum:

Raise your hand if you’ve recognized too late in the day that you haven’t been doing the stuff that really matters, only to freak out, get overwhelmed, and resolve to work longer and harder – while still doing the same kinds of things that you just beat yourself up about doing.

  • Danielle Laporte has me embracing my imbalances—chemical and otherwise. She’s right: our goal shouldn’t be to live a balanced life, more of a properly proportioned one.

Apparently the Universe is trying to tell me something. . .

* * *

Have a madly marvelous week!

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