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Up in My Biz #4 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Up in My Biz #4

This is my weekly “state of the business” address, where you get to see all the gory details of my learning experiences (Grr!) and accomplishments (Yay!).


  • I did not do all of my postings for last week. Or this week. Sigh.
  • I had another cold. Plus, my thyroid shows no signs of regulating so I still had the tireds.
  • I had many great intentions for editing my website copy to the point where it was at least marginally functional if not stupendously beautiful and sales converting but it’s not there yet.


  • I did make some progress on the website in the form of getting clear and brainstorming.
  • I sent guilt packing and have enjoyed the freedom that brought.
  • I got a lot of organizing done, including transferring all of my business emails/folders from my personal to business account.
  • I discovered that adding plugins is easier than I thought it was and was able to let go of all the time I spent trying to do it the hard way.
  • I became really aware of my tendency towards busyness versus productivity, and awareness is the first step in healing.

* * *

All in all, I’m still not moving forward as quickly as I’d like, but at least I feel like there is progress.

How was your week?

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