Giving Guilt a Rest

I am a lover of quotes. Inspirational, funny, philosophical, anything that just grabs my attention and makes me go hmm. . .I intend to share a quote a week with you here, and whatever my thoughts happen to be at the time.

“Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.”~Shakespeare (Macbeth, I:iii)

Sometimes it feels like time and the hour are running all over me, not just through the day. Usually I take comfort in this quote, because it’s another way of saying that nothing lasts forever. No matter how bad the day is, it will have an end. Night will fall and, God willing, I will surrender everything to sleep.

What do you do when sleep is little respite? If you can’t sleep well or are plagued by dreams that leave you with  a clenched jaw and hunched shoulders?

What do you do when the next day just seems to get rougher? It can be hard to trust that the mercy of time will make it’s soothing effect known any time soon. Sometimes it’s really hard to see that the hamster wheel does eventually stop.

Stopping the Wheel: Voluntary or Involuntary?

I’ve always believed that when I get sick it means I haven’t been giving myself enough rest. So why I got a cold last weekend (involuntary stop) even though my hypothyroidism has been causing me to sleep more and more, I don’t know.

Or do I? Maybe I am being perfectly good about getting enough physical rest. Maybe I need a mental rest. Or an emotional rest. Hmmm.

I guess I do know what I need. A rest from guilt. Guilt I impose on myself and guilt that is imposed by others (which is really a matter of perception, anyway). Time to write “return to sender” on all those guilt-edged packages (guilt, not “gilt,” get it? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Alright, I’m groaning at the pun too).

Amazing how much hard drive space is freed up in my mind when I delete all the guilt. Of course, deleting isn’t enough. I need to update my anti-virus software too.

What This Kind of Anti-Virus Update Looks like

  • Remembering that I am based in divinity: God created me as an expression of perfect love (and God doesn’t make junk).
  • Recommitting to my yoga and meditation practices.
  • Being conscious of having upright posture and at least a half-smile on my face.
  • Writing the kind words of others in stone and criticisms in sand.

* * *

What can you add to this list?

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