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Up in My Business #3 | Lady Myers' Wordsmithing

Up in My Business #3

This is my weekly “state of the business” address, where you get to see all the gory details of my accomplishments (yay!) and learning experiences (Grr!). Not always strictly business-related.


  • Around Day 6 of I started to feel the turning of the detox tide. I had tons of energy and started sleeping better.
  • I have now made it 12 days without alcohol. Except for the social aspect, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.
  • I snuck in a couple soy chai lattes this week but man, they tasted good!
  • I started taking thyroid meds and am relieved to have something to fix the imbalance. Also, not noticing any ickle side-effects so far.
  • My website that went M.I.A. in the course of getting a business email set up is back. I am now feeling recharged and ready to get my ittybiz really launched already.
  • I settled on prices for my services that feel comfortable for me.
  • I got to play with my nephew a lot. He’s learned how to give kisses now and it’s just heaven.
  • I had tea and a good heart-to-heart with my best friend.


  • Let’s see: in the last two weeks I’ve had my yearly physical, two ultrasounds and a dental cleaning.
  • Turns out I have a slightly low thyroid, which explains the weight gain, thinning hair, night sweats, and fatigue.
  • I have two very small fibroids on my left ovary. Apparently no big deal but something to watch. I was half hoping I had a benign cyst that when removed would result in a 10-pound instant weight-loss. Sigh. I suppose I will just be content with it not being bad news.
  • The dentist was painful. I love my hygienist to death but I just have an ultra sensitive mouth.
  • I have to get a pretend wisdom tooth pulled on Monday. It’s the last of six and apparently more of a splinter than a real tooth but I hate anything that has to do with messing with my teeth.
  • Tired, tired, tired. I had a couple of good days, but other than that the fatigue fog has been sticking to me.
  • The dread detox headache that lasted four days.

Overall, I’m trying to be patient with my health and moving full steam ahead with my ittybiz. How was your week?

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