Magic in 2010, Part One: Health & Wellness

I have decided to call my goals for the coming year the “Magical Map for 2010.” I just wanted something fun and whimsical as a guide rather than dry lists and do x by y statements. This map is intended to be a guide rather than a pressure-filled must-do or all is lost type document. Guides allow both room for error and room for adventure.

The three main areas I’m focusing on are: health & wellness, finances, and challenges. I also included two appendices: a toolkit for extreme self-care and a dammit-list (courtesy of Havi Brooks and Selma at the Fluent Self).

First Up: Health & Wellness

The first stop on my health and wellness journey is to do a detox (don’t worry, nothing unhealthy. I’m not just going to be drinking lemonade and maple syrup for  the next thirty days). I want to flush my system of toxins and curb it’s dependence on caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Then, I will replenish with lots of good stuff.

The Plan

I will be eating tons of veggies, some fruit, nuts, seeds, and gluten free grains like quinoa. I will not be ingesting caffiene, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy or meat.

I will drink lots and lots of water.

I will do a lot of sweating and a lot of gentle yoga.

I will do this for four weeks, with a three day break in the middle (well, my best friend is having a birthday weekend and I’m not a slave driver!). Everything in moderation.

What I Hope to Gain

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • fat loss
  • healthier hair
  • stabilized moods
  • lower triglycerides (went to the doctor for a physical and among discovering a bunch of potentially unpleasant things, found out my tri #s were way out of whack—250 when they should be 160 or less!)

Today is day one and so far so good. Of course, I’ve only been up for a couple of hours. But I started my day with decaf green and bengal spice tea, followed by a green smoothie (way yummier than it sounds). I made a big batch of cabbage soup yesterday, which will provide most of my meals over the next couple of days.

Once the detox is over, I will come up with a maintenance plan that is mostly vegetarian & gluten-free and involves a very moderate amount of caffiene and alcohol.

In future posts, I will outline my plans in the other two areas, Finances and Challenges. I will also post about my progress in all three. Doesn’t it sound like it would be so much fun to follow along? Plus, I’m sure you get some kind of karmic benefit without having to do any of it yourself!

Anybody else do something like this from time to time? Any tips? Please share!

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