I’m Allergic to Fun That Involves Other People

I am a lover of quotes. Inspirational, funny, philosophical, anything that just grabs my attention and makes me go hmm. . .I intend to share a quote a week with you here, and whatever my thoughts happen to be at the time.

“Nothing in life is trivial. Life is whole wherever and whenever we touch it, and one moment or event is not less sacred than another.” ~Vimala Thakar

This is exactly the kind of moment I had lying on the couch yesterday afternoon as I drifted off into my second nap.

See, I’ve been sick for the last five days. Nothing serious, just a bad cold with the annoying sore throat, runny nose and extreme fatigue that is par for the course. What’s really annoying is that this is my second cold in a month, and I’m usually very healthy. I used to wish I would get sick more often so I could skip out on work, but alas, my immune system wouldn’t cooperate.

Now I’m self-employed and need every healthy minute I can get to really get my business up and running and instead I’m losing more and more time to ill health.

But back to that moment (I just read a blog post yesterday on how hard it is for even good writers not to off on tangents, and whatever kind of writer I am I totally saw myself. So sorry about my tangentialness; I’ll work on it).

As I said, I was lying there, having thoughts about how much I wasn’t getting done and how guilty I felt for just laying around and then—boom! Peace came in and I knew that the moment was happening just how it was supposed to. I was able to surrender to that and to know that in the infinity of time, my sick moment on the couch was just as important as any other moment.

Confirming this is the fact that when I opened my quote book this morning to look for a quote for today’s post, this was the first one I read. Surrendering to my illness resulted in being more aligned with the Universe, which is always a good thing.


In between feeling frustrated and surrendering to the Universe, I realized that both times I’ve been sick recently have been after some extreme socializing. I enjoyed the socializing and (most) of the house guests but just as someone with a chocolate allergy can enjoy eating it but still have a reaction, I found myself down for the count not long thereafter.

What does this mean? Should I become a recluse? Only expose myself to other people twice a year? That seems a bit extreme. All I’ve come up with so far is that I need to schedule fair amounts of downtime around such events. But what if that’s not possible?

I would love suggestions and shared experiences (the more the merrier, I don’t think I’m allergic to online society)!

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