We Interrupt This Business. . .

No “Up in my Business” post this week. That’s because I’m a bad learning blogger (again, working on the guilt monger thing, but that’s another post).

I bring you. . .

Lady Myers does Las Vegas

I’ve been here twice before, but both of those times was with church groups. Yes, I know, the irony. But I belong to the Catholic Church (Capital C) and as a big business, I suppose it likes to hold its conventions in Vegas as much as the next big biz.

Thus (and I say that because I’m a Lady and Laidies say things like “thus” and “heretofore”), my previous experiences of all the hedonistic pleasures this place has to offer have been balanced by lots of spiritual activities. I was always grateful of this, because Vegas can be so overwhelmingly materialistic that I thought I could never survive without a few Hail Marys.

What Happens

This time, I am here with my husband purely for fun. I’ve decided to just embrace the decadence and over-the-topness (no, not toplessness–although I hear my hotel has just such an area).

Food, drinks, glitz, glamour. . .I am putting my health nut, conscious living self aside. I am wearing heels everyday, no matter how loudly my feet scream in protest. I am ordering room service, staying up late and sleeping in even later. I will eat “breakfast” at 2:30 in the afternoon.

And, when I finally return home, I will fall asleep at 8pm because I am not really a Vegas person and will need major recovery time.

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