For Those Who Want to be Bored to Tears

Otherwise, this post really isn’t worth reading. Really.

I have nothing wise to say or funny to share. This post is really an exercise in being disciplined and getting back on track.

Because last week I was definitely riding the crazy train and there was no posting done (bad blogger–no, wait, I’m giving up the guilt thing—human blogger). Ah, well. I’m new at this. One lesson learned is to have more finished drafts ready to go when I’m insanely busy and sick.

So last week was hard. There was drama that I won’t bore you with, drama I will bore you with (like getting majorly tricked on Halloween—Santa, I hope you’re watching and I get some awesome Christmas presents to make up for it. I know all you holiday peeps talk and the Great Pumpkin better not have been involved).

I know this isn’t making tons of sense but the best way I can describe last week is like this:

I was the quarterback and I was totally set to make a difficult pass but I was about to let fly and -WHAM!-what the heck, offensive line? Where’s my protection? Why did I just get pounded by a 3,000 pound defender?

Yes, I knew he was out there but I did not see that coming.

I’m blaming any lack of sense as well as pain and fatigue on my metaphorical concussion. Hopefully I can make more sense of all of this later this week.

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